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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /Flag Fabric/Dark Blue Linen fabric

Dark Blue Linen fabric

Dark Blue Linen fabric

Product Information

Dark Blue coloured natural linen fabric - 1.5 m width; 180 g/m2, medium-weight

Approximate Pantone colour shade - 2746

All listed linen cloths are specially selected by staff. We approve only evenly dyed batches, distinguished for their vibrant colours and resistance to continuous washing. Most our sourced linen fabrics are pretreated (softened, washed out), hence can be used for cloth, sheets and towel sewing. For the exact specification or if you reuquire non-softened linen cloth, please inquire before placing the order. 

Most appealing linen cloth qualities would include:

1. Clothes made of softened linen are very comfortable to wear. Natural linen fiber has huge amount of Air Porosity hole. Air goes in and out freely making linen garment a perfect summer time choice.

2. Linen is stronger and resists temperature better than cotton. It would not tear as easily after continuous washings and can be steam-ironed in higher temperatures.

3. Linen (flax) thread has a distinguashable wavy pattern, which makes cloth look exceptionally natural. The latter quality is very favored for various vintage/antique projects. 


On request swatches of the given fabric are sent for free within UK and Europe.Please pay special attention when ordering material:

Quantities are listed in metric system (meters) and one piece stands for one linear meter of linen fabric (1m length x 1.5m width)

If ordered more than 1 piece (linear meter), fabric would be dispachted in one piece of the ordered length (amount).

If you have more questions please contact_us and we will be happy to help you.  

On request swatches of the given fabric are sent for free with UK and Europe

Price: £11.84

Product Code: DARC136
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